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The Museum is here to maintain a family-friendly collection of Minecraft screenshots. Everything submitted to the site is moderated by a real person before becoming available to the public, and there are several obvious types of picture we do not accept. Our rules are fairly standard and we wish that it wasn't necessary to include any at all, but alas, there will always be numpties in the world, and so this page is necessary.

This site does not accept objectionable material of any sort, including but not limited to:

Although it sounds harsh, this website is not a democracy. The site moderators reserve the right to add, remove or modify anything you choose to upload, anywhere, at any time.


To keep a reasonable level of quality in the pictures that are shown in the Museum, there are some additional guidelines you should keep in mind to ensure that your picture doesn't get rejected:

Reporting Problems

If you find something awful in plain view, something has likely gone wrong - please let us know about it so we can put it right as soon as physically possible.

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