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Partnering with the Minecraft Museum

The Minecraft Museum is the original Minecraft picture gallery and holds a strong position in the community. We're proud to be able to let players share their finest creations to thousands of visitors every day, and are eager to forge mutually beneficial relationships with other Minecraft websites and to do our bit to make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

Are you interested in swapping links with us? Great - we'd love to hear from you, but before you fire an email at us we ask that you read the rest of this section to learn about our linking policy.

To try and ensure the links we add are of good quality, and in an effort to allow all Minecraft webmasters - regardless of how big or small your sites are - a chance to be linked, there are a couple of things we consider before agreeing any partnership links:

While the Museum will do its best to inform existing partners of any change to this policy in good time, we reserve the right to make changes and remove links to sites without prior notice.


If advertising is what you're after, the Museum makes use of Project Wonderful to let you place bids on banner slots that appear throughout the site. Currently the main slot that we auction is the ad displayed on the right-hand half of the navigation link bar on every page of the site.

You can click here to visit the bidding page. Once a bid is approved, high-bidder ads will appear instantly with no further effort required. It's a simple and fast way of getting your Minecraft-related stuff some extra coverage!

Our Banners

If you want to place a link to the Museum on your site, you can use one of our pre-made banners:

Minecraft Museum banner - 480x100
480px x 100px

Minecraft Museum banner - 468x60
468px x 60px

You may need to disable your ad blocker on this page to see all of the banners.

Don't see the size you need? We can adjust our banner to fit your layout. Just ask if you need one at a specific size.


If you are interested in getting a banner for your site here, find out how on our partnership page.

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